Well over a decade ago, I was road-tripping somewhere with Brandon, one my oldest and dearest friends, and he brought along his portable DVD player. Cool. You might not know this, but Brandon was a big DVD guy back then. He eventually shifted to Blu-ray when it made sense, but in recent years he dipped a toe into VHS before taking a *hard* turn toward LaserDisc. Double cool.

Anyhoo, so I'm road-tripping with Brandon and his portable DVD player. He starts putting movies on and sending the audio straight to aux on the car stereo! We had it made. More often than not I was the one driving, with my eyes on the road, just listening to the movies that Brandon was watching. I was having a great time.

After toying with the idea for a couple years, I finally purchased the domain way back in 2014 (a literal decade ago), wired up a quick website, and got the first 20 or so films into the catalogue. It was fun, but also kinda boring. Turns out that part of the project, adding to the catalogue, didn't excite me. Things grew stale, eventually the hosting provider eliminated their free option, and I wasn't about to pay a monthly fee for this silly idea.

Fast-forward another 10 years and I have been inspired yet again! With the latest and greatest in free hosting services along with AI technology, I am able to reproduce the audio files of your favorite movies without breaking any copyright laws, and I don't have to pay a dime! New titles will get added weekly, and please send a request if you don't see your favorite movies.

I hope you enjoy,

Eli 🤓